Discovering the World Through Creative Play

24-36 Months Wskazówki dla rodziców

Discovering the world through creative play

How Little People® toys bring the big world down to their size

Looking for ways to keep your baby entertained?

Your little one is a bit older and getting more curious about the world around them. A visit to the farm, their first ride on a bus or walking by a construction site can seem new and exciting to a toddler.

How can you break down this big world and make it smaller for them to understand?

Little People® creative toys can help. Character and vehicle pretend play toys sized just right for their teeny hands help little ones get a better grasp (literally!) on familiar places, people and things.

The perks of play

Problem-solving & Decision-making

From finding the music button to deciding what the characters do next, little ones can make their own rules and find their own answers.

Community & Careers

Different playsets and characters promote the understanding that a community is made up of many places and people. (Prepare to play them all!)

Where does the school bus go?

Some school bus play questions your toddler will love: What colour is the school bus? How do they greet the bus driver? Who else is on the school bus? What do they see outside on the way to school? Even if your little one won't be riding a real school bus for a few years, they can start to work out what happens on that important ride.

What's a day on the farm like?

Some farm play questions your toddler will love: Does the pig need a bath? Which animals need food? How many animals live on the farm? Why do we care for the animals? Allow your little farmer to be in charge of the stories they want to tell – the two of you can act them out together with farm play toys and figure out how to fix farmyard problems (the chickens have escaped!).

Don't forget that your toddler's new here – and they're experiencing new things every day. Little People® toys give them a fun way to imitate and recreate these new experiences.

And the best toys for pretend play let your toddler be in charge – so you can turn off your grown-up brain and join them in their little world.