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Barbie Pop Reveal Bubble Tea Series dolls offer a sensory unboxing experience with eight surprises! Unscrew the lid with the Slime and poke through the film with the straw for squishy fun. Peel the film on the cup to reveal a bubble tea-scented Barbie doll and eight more surprises! Which doll will you reveal? There's Taro Milk, Berry Bliss, Green Tea or Mango Mochi. Continue unboxing to discover two reusable ice cubes that pop open to reveal a skirt and pair of shoes. Mystery bags reveal a straw, a purse and a squishy, scented matching pet! Discover more wow with color-change transformations on Barbie doll's face. Kids will want to collect them all! Each doll sold separately, subject to availability. Dolls cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

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