Meet the Play Lab Team

Lisa Lohiser Ed.D.

Ed.D. Learning & Teaching in Social Contexts. M.S. Creativity & Change Leadership B.S. Elementary Education

Expertise (aka, Superpowers): Creativity and creative problem-solving

Favorite Childhood Toy: My Barbie® Dreamhouse® with the yellow elevator!

Corrine Eggleston, Ph.D.

Ph.D. Elementary Education Ed.M. Early Childhood Education B.S. Early Childhood/Childhood Education

Expertise (aka, Superpowers): Preschool play-based learning

Favorite Childhood Toy: Fisher-Price® Puffalumps™ Bunny - I took her everywhere!

Erin D'Rozario

B.S. Human Services & Child and Adolescent Services & Development

Expertise (aka, Superpowers): Early childhood development

Favorite Childhood Toy: The Fisher-Price® Loving Family® Dollhouse.

Rachel Wachowski

B.S. Childhood Education

Expertise (aka, Superpowers): Early childhood education & development and preschool play-based learning.

Favorite Childhood Toy: I loved my Fisher-Price® Loving Family® Grand Dollhouse.

Krystal Starke Ph.D.

Ph.D. Curriculum, Instruction & The Science of Learning. B.S. Psychology

Expertise (aka, Superpowers): Neurodiversity, play-based learning and child research methods

Favorite Childhood Toy: Fisher-Price® Viewmaster™ especially with my Winnie the Pooh reels!

Nicole Mackiewicz, M.S.

M.S Childhood & Special Education B.S. Fashion & Textile Technology/Merchanidising A.S. Liberal Arts and Sciences

Expertise (aka, Superpowers): Early childhood education & development, adaptive planning & research technologies

Favorite Childhood Toy: My "Mall Madness" board game & Polly Pocket® dolls

Desiree Williams, M.A./A.C.

M.A./A.C.School Psychology B.S. Psychology

Expertise (aka, Superpowers): Cognitive development, social emotional wellness, children's media & wellness, and equity & inclusion

Favorite Childhood Toy: I loved my bright pink Barbie® Camper!

Courtney Craig

B.S. Business Management and Communications A.A. Entrepreneurship Business

Expertise (aka, Superpowers): Building Connection, Creative Recruiting & Team Collaboration

Favorite Childhood Toy: Fisher-Price® Fun with Food Kitchen, I would play for hours, had all the accessories & still have it today!.

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Meet Our Expert Collaborators

We also partner with a diverse group of specialists who bring additional brain power and expertise to our Play Lab.

Laura A. Jana MD

Board-certified Pediatrician Associate Research Professor, Penn State University's Prevention Research Center

Expertise: The skills and foundational development needed during the first five years of life in order for our children to thrive in the 21st Century.

Jennifer Jipson, Ph.D

Department Chair & Professor, Psychology & Development, California Polytechnic State University

Expertise: How informal play activities and shared storybook reading contribute to preschool children's learning.

Helen Hadani, Ph.D

Fellow, Center for Universal Education and Bass Center for Transformative Placemaking, Brookings Institution

Expertise: Early childhood and creativity development, and the benefits of playful learning in both formal and informal settings.

Angelique Millette, Ph.D

Parent Coach, Pediatric Sleep Consultant, & Family Sleep Researcher Creator of The Millette Method™

Expertise: The relationship between pediatric sleep, family life, child development and behavior, and parenting philosophies.

Lisa M. Dinella, Ph.D

Professor of Psychology, Director of Gender and Intersectionality Studies, Principle Investigator of the Gender Development Laboratory, Monmouth University

Expertise: Children's toy play and media exposure, and how gendered experiences shape their academic and career pursuits.

Lee Scott, MS

Education Consultant and author of the Partnership for 21st Century Skill Early Learning Framework

Expertise: Creating playful learning experiences to support children's development in all learning areas especially language and literacy, social emotional skills.

Jason Babcock

Founder and CEO of Positive Science, an eye-tracking research technology company.

Expertise: Development of custom eye-tracking technology solutions that allow child researchers to better understand language processing and cognitive development.

L. Monique Ward, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology, University of Michigan. Associate Editor, Psychology of Women Quarterly.

Expertise: The impact of media on children’s gender development and concepts of race.