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Mattel Games

Beaver Building Fun Game For Kids, Family & Game Nights

Mattel Games

Beaver Building Fun Game For Kids, Family & Game Nights

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Product Details

As the wobbly tower grows higher and higher, tension builds as players wait to find out which one will make it fall! Roll the dice to see what symbols come up, then put a beaver on each matching symbol on the Building Tiles. Once a tile is full, it must be placed on a tower. But BE CAREFUL, if the tower falls over that ends the game and you will lose! The player with the steadiest hand and luck WINS! Great gift for kids 6+ who love animals, building games and fun! Colors and decorations may vary.

  • In this board game for kids and family, adorable beaver characters in hard hats are used to build each level.
  • The player who rolls the dice decides where to place the beavers.
  • Place beavers on other player’s Building Tiles to fill them up and force them to build the tower.
  • If another player causes the Tower to fall on your turn, you WIN!
  • Great for family game night or take it on the go!
5+ years
Includes 3 Dice, 14 Tiles and 45 Beavers.
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