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Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels City Ultra Shark Car Wash With Color Reveal Toy Car In 1:64 Scale

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels City Ultra Shark Car Wash With Color Reveal Toy Car In 1:64 Scale

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Product Details

As featured in the Netflix series, 'Let's Race,' the Hot Wheels City Car Wash has been taken over by a massive shark that's looking to dive into color-shifting action! Kids drive the included Color Reveal vehicle over the ramp and into shark's mouth, then press the shark's head to change the water color and reveal the car's deco. Pull up on the shark and watch the car race down its insides while excess water drains away. Tap the shark's tail to launch cars from the parking garage or into the icy cold water tank for a color shift surprise. Change the car's colors back by running through the wash again. Detailed track play on the base enhances storytelling with moveable gates and a foam roller that's just like a real-life car wash. The set folds in half for easy storage and includes a handle to help carry it and drain the excess water. One Hot Wheels Color Reveal vehicle is included. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • Dip into the Hot Wheels City Ultra Shark Car Wash for interactive, color-shifting play in a location featured in the Netflix series, 'Let's Race!'
  • The car wash-themed playset features realistic car wash details like a foam roller and movable gates for inspired storytelling.
  • Kids drive into the shark's mouth and press down on its head to initiate the first reveal. The water changes color as the special Color Reveal paint washes away, exposing the car's sweet deco!
  • Lift the shark and watch the car race down the track through its insides. An opening on the underbelly allows kids to see the car's progress.
  • Fill the next tank with icy cold water and dunk the car in it to change the deco again. Change it back by filling the first tank with very warm water and driving through again.
  • The set features a special water catcher in the base that keeps the water contained for no-mess play.
  • Place cars in specially designated parking spots and fold the set in half for easy storage. Using the handle, carry it to a safe spot and tilt it to drain the excess water.
Includes 1 Hot Wheels City Ultra Car Wash and 1 Hot Wheels Color Reveal Car in 1:64 Scale.
WARNING: Not suitable for children under 36 months. Adult assembly required.
*For illustrative purposes only and non-binding - actual retail prices may vary.

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