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Imaginext Jurassic World Thrashing Indominus Rex


Imaginext Jurassic World Thrashing Indominus Rex

£41.99 incl. 20% VATRecommended Retail Price* incl. 20% VAT
Product Details

Relive all the action from Jurassic World with this spectacular Imaginext Jurassic World Thrashing Indominus Rex figure set, from Fisher-Price. The fierce and vicious Indominus Rex can battle even the toughest dinosaurs. Kids can move the dinosaur toy’s tail, when the raptor is on the Indominus Rex’s back, and watch her thrash relentlessly. Can Owen (figure sold separately) and the team get every dinosaur under control? The choice is up to the young dinosaur fanatics! Kids can create awesome Jurassic World adventures with this dinosaur set.

  • Recreate scenes from the Jurassic World films and create new adventures with the Imaginext Indominus Rex dinosaur toy set.
  • Move the tail up and down to watch the Indominus Rex thrash ferociously.
  • Comes with raptor toy, which attaches to the larger dinosaur toy’s back, which is launched off by the extreme thrashing.
  • Dinosaur’s jaw and arms also move.
  • Excellent gift for children aged 3+ years.
1 Indominus Rex, 1 Raptor
WARNING: Not suitable for children under 36 months.
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