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Scrabble Trap Tiles


Scrabble Trap Tiles

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Product Details

Lay hidden traps to sabotage opponents in this new way to play the classic spelling game with Scrabble Trap Tiles game. This word-tile game gets an explosive twist with the addition of Trigger and Trap Tiles that set off special abilities like stealing points or removing tiles, giving clever players an advantage. Build words to score points but beware the premium squares! A trap may have been set there, turning the game on its head. Rethink play each round, as this Scrabble game changes with every trap that is set off! Colors and decorations may vary.

  • Scrabble Trap Tiles game presents a game-changing twist on the classic word-building family board game.
  • Use opponents' words against them by laying traps on premium squares. Players can steal points, tiles or even the game!
  • Beware the premium squares while building words. A trap may have been set, changing the game!
  • The popular Scrabble board game has been played for over 70 years, but never like this. The addition of sabotage adds an entirely new dimension of game play!
  • Have a blast on game night as hijinks ensue with a game great for the whole family!
  • Makes a great gift for spelling game fans ages 10 years and older.
Includes gameboard, letter tile bag, trap tile bag, 4 racks, 12 trap tiles, 16 trigger tiles, 100 letter tiles and instructions.
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