The tales of the twos!

24-36 Months Tips for Parents

Confessions & comedy from parents with toddlers.

The terrific twos are upon you, and this is the age where some real good stuff happens! Sure, there’s tantrums, chaos, and embarrassing moments (that’s just you!), but this is the time that your little one really gets to grips with big world. So, let’s hear some fun stories from parents who’ve already trodden the path!

Once upon a playtime...

It’s amazing where imaginative play might lead. Hear where it took this parent and his two-year-olds! "In my experience, Mums get the hard part with pregnancy and feeding, but Dads get the total fun and chaos of play! My little girl and boy loved dressing as princesses - to help them really get into it, engage more and try new things, I got in on the act and wore a pink tiara. Things escalated quickly, we got Mummy’s make-up for the dolls’ faces, then my girl, then my boy, then me! No big deal until we had to jump in the car last minute to pick up my own Dad from home – his look was priceless and the kids loved it!” Nick, Dad of 2

Once upon a 'LET ME DO IT!'

Get used to hearing ‘I want to do it’ from your little ones’ mouths as they want to experience and discover the big and little things in their world all by themselves.

“Every time I cook, my boy wants to help too. I gave him a chef hat and apron to encourage his enthusiasm and passion, and started to let him join in. It started of with mixing a bit of water here and there, then soon progressed to plonking him on the floor with a couple of pots filled with dry pasta, rice and food colouring.

He loved the colours and the texture and it became our nice and in control routine. Until one day when I nipped to the toilet and upon my return, the walls and lower cupboars were painted with red food colouring. He explained he wanted to paint like Daddy!” Sinead, Mum of 2

Parenting a two-year-old can be challenging, but it’s also very rewarding.

Your baby is growing fast and finding their own personality. Use routine and be consistent to keep your toddler calm. And try to enjoy every moment. They’re only two once.