Baby's First Steps

12-18 Months Tips for Parents

Baby's First Steps

When do babies start walking?

One small step for man is a giant leap for your baby. There's nothing more special than seeing them walk for the first time after weeks of sofa climbing and playmat crunches. And good luck stopping them once they're going – when babies start walking, few things can get between them and adventure.

Read on to discover our guide to baby's first steps, from spotting the signs baby will walk soon to walking aids once they're on their feet.

When your baby pulls up

Your baby pulls up and holds onto furniture, stretching little legs and taking in their all-new view of the world.

Cruising Around

Baby's first steps will be tiny shuffles while holding onto something, just like navigating a mini obstacle course.

Step on!

Here's how you can encourage your baby to walk:

Off we go!

Once your baby's cruising, they'll soon be letting go of furniture and standing on their own. Now for the big question: When do babies start walking? It's usually around a month from those wobbly first steps. There can be lots of reasons for late walking in babies, so don't panic. Stick to our tips to help them build their confidence. And most importantly, remember to keep their surroundings safe now that they're exploring solo.

Now that your baby has started walking, you'll be chasing after them and clocking up 10,000 steps of your own before you know it.