Ready, set, crawl!

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Ready, set, crawl!

How to get your baby crawling

Crawling is one of the first milestones. So, it’s natural to wonder, when will my baby start moving? Most babies crawl between 7 and 10 months. Some even skip crawling altogether and go straight to standing (or bottom shuffling!) Did you know that there are things you can do to help your baby crawl?

Follow these simple tricks to get your little one over the starting line. (Just remember to baby-proof first!)

Tummy time is important - and it’s a BIG step toward crawling. Daily sessions help your baby to build upper body strength. Why not turn tummy time into play time? Use an activity mat or a wedge with toys to help your little one have fun!

When your baby starts propping themselves up, they’re almost ready to go! Give a helping hand by gently rocking them back and forth. Dial up the fun by playing music and swaying from side to side. Let’s rock baby!

Set up a mini obstacle course with attention grabbing toys. Now it’s time for you to show how crawling is done! Get down on all fours and crawl across the room. Your baby will love to watch and will soon want to follow you.

Now that your baby is finally crawling it’s important to keep it fun! Get down on the floor and explore together. A pop-up play tunnel is a great idea. Place tempting toys inside and play peek-a-boo to coax your baby through.

Now that your baby is on the move, there’s no looking back. Next stop, walking!

(Once they find their feet you’ll be doing laps constantly. Time to quit the gym!)