Parenting tips for 1–2 years old

12-18 Months Tips for Parents

Real talk about the less fluffy side of parenting

OK, you’re coming up to a year with your little one, and you now know there’s another side to this parenting lark! It’s not all cuddles and selfies, it’s also chaos & nappies! It’s time to hear some real stories and real talk from parents who lived to tell the tale!

Look who's talking!

Nevermind your little one, this is where you need to listen better! Your little word learners will be flinging all sorts of attempts at forming new words and longer sentences. So pay attention and be patient with their frustration, but enjoy their often hilarious versions of words we all know! “My daughter had a few cute words that we could still make sense of – ‘ambidance’ for ‘ambulance’ and ‘mow-mow’ for cat were always fun! The one she couldn’t shake for ages was ‘wah’ for ‘yes’! Even when we corrected her, she’d knowingly shout ‘No, it’s waaaaah!!'. At times she would get so annoyed and angry when we didn’t understand her. After four or five wrong answers from us, she would explode. We would always have to give her a cuddle and ask her older brother who somehow understood every word!” Anya, Mum of 3

Storytime & playtime

Once upon a time…you probably believed storytime and playtime would be the most wonderful and relaxing time with your little one. The truth is, some chapters are tougher than others! Here is a story that didn’t go to plan! “Storytime can be easy with one little one, but what about twins! At first, they sit in quiet amazement at the new story and experience, but once they know the tale, it’s a battle for who can say the best lines, who can turn the page, and who can lift the flaps. Cue synchronised screaming, torn pages and flip-flap books with no flip-flaps. Until they finally conquered sharing, playtime was the same - Broken toys all round. The only option was buying two of nearly everything.” Briony, Mum of 2.

Look who's walking

The ups, downs, trips, and falls of learning to walk always make a great tale! One step forward, five steps back, but your little one will get there. Listen to what this parent went through with their little one. “I’ve lost count of the amount of times their expensive new joggers get holey knees after the first time of wearing! And plain old pink plasters just won’t do, they must be the cartoony ones for full healing properties! When my boy did eventually start walking without any trips, we’d go for nice family walks only to then hear; ‘Daaddy, can you pick me up?’ Typical!”

Don’t be scared by the madness. With chaos, comes calm. As well as fun and learning (for you too!)

Seeing them develop more and more each day is more rewarding than you can imagine. Enjoy(ish!)