Barbie Role Models: Cristina Fogazzi

Entrepreneur, Italy


Cristina Fogazzi

Tenacious and innovative, Cristina Fogazzi is a digital entrepreneur who revolutionized women’s relationship with beauty. With over 1M+ followers on Instagram and Facebook, a YouTube channel, blog, an e-commerce platform, and several flagship shops, L'Estetista Cinica has redefined the innovative and omnichannel business model. Her startup ‘’ began as a blog and quickly became a promising brand with fans relying on her beauty advice online and VeraLab beauty products. Cristina has always been supportive of the eco-dermal compatibility of her products, choosing only natural ingredients and formulations and sustainable packaging. This comes from the love she has always had for people and the environment.  In recent years she has also supported numerous initiatives to promote Italy and its endeavors, and has donated part of the proceeds to associations in support of women. Starting from a small beauty center to now more than 40+ employees in her flagship stores in the heart of Milan, Cristina continues to amaze with endless brilliant ideas.