Barbie Role Models: Samantha Cristoforetti

Astronaut, Italy


Samantha Cristoforetti

As an aviator, engineer and astronaut of the European Space Agency, Samantha Cristoforetti is proof that hard work can lead to great heights. Born in Milan, Italy, Samantha was the only female astronaut selected for ESA’s astronaut class of 2009. She flew her first mission to the International Space Station in 2014, during which she spent 200 days living and performing science in microgravity. Samantha is an avid reader, with a strong interest in learning foreign languages. As she prepares for her next space mission, Samantha’s sights are set on the Moon and the technology we will need to explore even further. Samantha Cristoforetti is honored as a Barbie Shero, a woman who has broken boundaries in order to inspire the next generation. Girls need more role models like Samantha, because imagining they can be anything is just the beginning. Actually seeing that they can makes all the difference.

Samantha has been assigned a second mission to the International Space Station. She is currently in training for this mission, which is scheduled for 2022.