Barbie Role Models: Sonia Peronaci (Italy)

Founder of Italian Food Website, ‘GialloZafferano’


Sonia Peronaci

“Passion can make any dream come true”. Sonia Peronaci is a digital entrepreneur and founder of the famous Italian recipe website “”, where she nurtures her love of cooking. When cooking met the web, her greatest passion, Sonia soon became a pioneer of online recipes and a familiar face on television, accompanying Italian families in the making of tasty recipes and memories together. Sometimes also “saving their dinner” thanks to the vivid and easy-going style of Sonia project!

“Commitment, courage and precision” is the secret to her work, which she cultivates every day thanks to the “Sonia Factory”, a multifunctional space where she can continue to express herself. Among her greatest achievements includes the mention of ‘The Most Influential Women in Italy” by Forbes Magazine.