We want kids to inherit a future in which they can thrive, so we've started working on ways to reduce our environmental impact. From the way we design and package our toys to helping consumers responsibly recycle them, here are some of the actions we're taking.

Packaged with Care

Our packaging is fully recyclable and materials are easy to separate for the recycle bin.
All our boxes and instructions booklets are made from FSC®-certified fibers, and use soy-based inks and water-based varnishes.
Since 2016, we've reduced the size of our building brick set packaging by 30%.
We are testing solutions aimed at replacing the plastic bags in our boxes with paper ones.

Using Better Materials

The pieces in our Green Town line are made from a minimum of 56% plant-based materials(1)- and a minimum of 26% ISCC-certified bio-circular plastics (mass balance approach).
(1)Plastic made from materials extracted from sugar cane.

Cycling Ahead

We design our toys to be durable, so they can be kept for a long time, passed down to family members or donated. MEGA is part of Mattel PlayBack, a program designed to recover and reuse materials for future Mattel products.

CarbonNeutral® Certified

Green Town products are certified CarbonNeutral® by Climate Impact Partners, the leading experts on carbon neutrality and climate finance.
(1)CarbonNeutral® is a certification issued by Climate Impact Partners and indicates a current state achieved when the net GHG emissions associated with an entity, product or activity is zero for a defined duration.

Tesla Cybertruck

This set features new brick bags that use less plastic.