The Power of Play

When kids play, they learn to express themselves, to dream bigger, and to connect with the world around them. Play is the way everything we create sparks endless imagination and inspires limitless creativity.

…we inspire limitless potential.

…we ignite the challenger spirit.

…we enrich the first five years of childhood.

…we fuel creativity through the power of connection.

Play is the Way We Make a Difference

We’re committed to inspiring future generations to leave the world better than they found it. Play is the way kids learn to protect our planet, develop empathy, and feel the pride of helping others. See some of this positive change at work below.

Barbie Dream Gap

This initiative gives girls the support they need to believe in themselves and their goals.

Challenge Accepted

We teamed up with WCMX champ Aaron Wheelz to inspire kids to tackle any obstacle.


Our eco-conscious toys and programs empower kids to create a better world.