All together for solo play!

18-24 Months Tips for Parents

All together for solo play!

How independent play helps little ones grow

Playing with your little one is a big parenting perk but letting them play on their own is great for them (and you too!).

When your little one toddles between 18-24 months of age, ‘independent playtime’ is where they learn some vital skills, building their curiosity and helping their imagination grow, whilst parents can sit back (a rare treat) and watch them go!

Here is how you can start helping your little one find their own way through independent play.

Let the games begin

Lay out a few fun toys and prompt your toddler to start playing. It may take a little nudge, but once they get in the playtime groove, they won’t look back. Watch as they giggle, squeal and learn, being perfectly happy playing without your direction (fun and freedom!).

Feed the fun

See where their little mind takes them by putting out different toys and creating play scenarios that will keep them going. And why not try taking playtime somewhere new? The couch can be a castle, and the kitchen makes a great space station (they’ll love it).

Be a play pal

Get down on their level. A little bit of side-by-side play without showing them exactly what to do (they’re not your toys!) can help spark your child’s creativity. They learn to take the lead, you learn what makes them tick.

Watch them grow

Literally ‘watch’ them. Once your little one is at ease, give them the space to learn their own way. Let them solve problems and find the joy in toys without direction. If they need help, they’ll soon let you know (look out for flying toys and tantrums!).

Why solo play is so great

Develops your child's creativity and imagination

"This Rock-a-stack® ring makes a perfect crown!"

Improves problem-solving

"I get it. The square shape goes in the square hole.”

They learn patience and impulse control

“I WILL make these blocks stay standing!”

Encourages independence

"No Mommy, I want to do it!"

Builds confidence

"Look, I made the car go so fast!"

You learn what they love

"Puppy is my best friend!"

As your little one grows from toddler to preschooler, their independent play time will grow as well! So, step back, let them play, and watch their imagination take off.

Because when it comes to their imagination, the sky’s the limit!