Playtime ideas for your terrific toddlers

18-24 Months Tips for Parents

Top 5 questions & answers for parents of toddlers

With kids, comes questions! ‘Am I doing things right?’, ‘How do I help my little one grow?’, ‘What should I do?’… the questions we ask ourselves as parents are endless. So, we’ve compiled a list of parent questions and answers to help navigate the early toddler ages between 18-24 months.

How can I get more out of bath time for my little one?

“Bath time can be great for learning. We use the toys to practice counting and colours. Sponge letters are also great.” Gemma, Mum of 1

“Make it more than a wash! For my twins, it’s splash time and making beards with bubbles!” Becs, Mum of 2

How do I make potty training easier?

“As well as a potty, we bought a seat that goes on the loo – that reduces the mad dashes when wee-wee time comes!” Lauren, Mum of 3. “Don’t put a time limit on it. That takes the pressure off. Some children take a couple of months, others a couple of weeks. Let nature take its course!” Megan, Mum of 1. “It’s a lot easier if you stuff your bag with pants, wipes and changes of clothes. You'll need them all!” Lee, Dad of 2.

How can I help my toddler's development?

“Nursery and play groups are such a great and easy way to build their social skills. I saw a massive difference in my daughter.” Emma, Mum of 1.

“Our little girl was a right chatterbox. We supported this just by being out and experiencing things. It brings on their confidence.” Caitlyn, Mum of 2.

“Make them part of everything you're doing. Make the routine things fun, like joining in with tidying up. Get them involved with everything. They feel so much pride at doing something well that helps you. My little ones' enthusiasm grew and grew.” Liam, Dad of 2.

Any ideas on playtime for toddlers?

“Make stories out of the games that they can then play out. My boy loved cars and I used to help make fictional journeys picking up family members.” Joshua, Dad of 2. “You can’t go wrong with a good mix of animals– farms and dinosaurs were the soundtrack of my house and they loved having their knowledge tested – what noise does the cow make?” Laura, Mum of 1. “Find their enjoyment or passion, no matter how obscure. My boy was obsessed with doors. We bought him a washing machine toy with a door that he loved opening and shutting!” Lisa, Mum of 3.

18-24 months is a great age of learning through play, from bath time, making stories whilst playing, even early potty training. Embrace the stage and don’t let the questions get in the way of the fun! Discover the world together with your cheeky companion.