Let's Get Moving

6-12 Months Tips for Parents

One-Year-Old Baby Milestones

Your 0-12 month timeline

Your baby's first year is full of big moments and even bigger moves. From rolling to sitting, standing to walking, there's no stopping your little gymnast. Want to know what milestones to expect in your baby's first year? And how to encourage your little one to move? You can help your mini's forward – or sometimes backward – motion with this timeline.

Discover simple tricks and toys for crawling babies that let them move at their own pace.

Rolling Tips

3 Months - Rolls from side to back

1. Give your baby lots of tummy time on their playmat to help build upper body strength.

3 - 6 Months - Rolls from tummy to back

2. Use tempting rolling toys for babies to encourage your little one to roll.

6 - 9 Months - Rolls in both directions

3. Always keep your baby steady when they're lying on a changing table.

Sitting Up Tips

3 Months - Holds head when placed sitting

1. Use tummy time toys to encourage new movements and make moving fun.

5 Months - Sits with help of hands in front

2. Support your baby with a floor seat while they're sitting up.

9 Months - Sits well without support

Crawling Tips

6 Months - Rocks on hands and knees

1. Use toys for crawling babies to encourage your little one to move, from commando crawling to bottom shuffling.

6 - 9 Months - Crawls backwards and forwards

2. Once your baby is on the move, make sure that their crawling space is safe

9 - 12 Months - Crawls up the stairs

Standing Tips

6 - 9 Months - Pulls to stand, stands with support

1. Boost your baby's balancing act with stand-up-and-play toys.

9 - 12 Months - Shows better balance

2. Encourage babies to pull up and cruise along by leaving a trail of toys on the sofa.

Walking Tips

9 - 12 Months - Walk when you hold both hands

1. Your baby's personality predicts their first steps. If your little one is cautious, they're likely to walk later.

12+ Months - Walks forwards, backwards & runs!

2. Barefoot is best when your baby is learning to walk. It helps strengthen the muscles in their tiny feet.

Try to enjoy each step (or bottom shuffle) towards your baby's first-year milestones. Once your mini gets going, there'll be no stopping them.

And before you know it, you'll be struggling to keep up (hey wait for me, kiddo!).