Soothe Your Baby

0-6 Months Tips for Parents

Tips to Soothe Your Crying Baby

When your little one starts wailing, you won't always know why.

And when you've tried every trick in the book to calm a crying baby (singing, rocking, 3am vacuuming), it can feel like they'll never stop.

We look at the top 4 reasons why babies cry and check out some great tips and tricks to calm a crying baby.

Look out for lip smacking and hand-to-mouth movements.

Change nappies frequently to keep little bottoms clean and dry.

Being a little human is exhausting. Look out for yawning, arching backwards and fluttering eyelids.

Try a change of scenery or playtime with stimulating activity toys.

They're Still Crying. What Now?

Soothe your baby with these helpful tips and tricks:

Baby swings: gentle motion

Rocking and bouncing can calm a crying baby down quickly. But little ones are going to get bigger. Try our soothing gear for when your arms need a break.

White noise for babies: soothing sounds

Create a comforting cocoon with white noise or soft music to help your newborn settle into sleep. Soft sounds are great for soothing a baby at night.

Benefits of vibrations for your baby

Remind baby of the time they spent in mummy's tummy with the gentle vibrations of a bouncer.

Cuddle baby: heart to heart

Take time out for a comforting cuddle so that baby can feel your heartbeat.

Calming distractions

Give your baby something fun to focus on. A colourful mobile or a mirror can distract little thoughts and help them unwind.

Sucking and chewing

Help your baby to self-soothe with sucking. Try a pacifier for a newborn, or teething toys when their first pearly whites arrive.

Hands-free ways to calm your baby

Sometimes your baby just needs 'me' time (and you do too). Soothing gear like a crib soother lets babies enjoy the lights and sounds that they love in a safe spot. Being a new human is exciting and overwhelming, but so is being a new parent. It might take a while to work out what each cry or little signal means (new babies don't come with a manual), but you'll get there.

Stay calm and soothe on.