The first six months of your baby

0-6 Months Tips for Parents

6 parenting hacks to help you and your baby sleep better

Your baby is home and the fun is about to begin! The first thing to say is; don’t sweat over sleep. These parents below have earned their sleepless stripes, and have sleeping, soothing, and other helpful hacks for the first six months of your baby.

Hack 1: Skin-to-skin cuddles

A quick way to stop the crying and enjoy the cuddling! Skin-to-skin contact is a great way to bond with your baby, and it’s a great soother (for both of you!) “Cuddling is a great way to soothe. Babies love skin on skin contact. I loved it too!” Ghavini, Mum of 2 “Skin-to-skin cuddles was so special for me. As a Dad, I wasn’t expecting to bond so much so early.” Joe, Dad of 1

Hack 2: Comfort toys & blankets

One of the oldest tricks in the book! The feelings of security and comfort that special toys and blankies bring to babies cannot be underestimated. “There was always this one blanket that helped my little one calm down. No other one would do!” Sarah, mum of 1. “Get all the teddys, toys and blankets you can, you’re bound to have one your little one loves!” Matt, Dad of 2. “My family has always passed down a special comfort blanket to all the babies in our family. My baby loved it too.” Vicky, mum of 1

Hack 3: Develop a routine

Most hacks are fast. Making a routine might not be, but you’ll be glad you did it! You’ll be amazed at how much your baby will adapt to a routine, including set nap times for them, and a bit of ‘me-time’ for you. “Routine is helpful, but stuff happens so don’t give yourself a hard time if some days don’t go to plan” Sara, Mum of 1. “Getting into a routine isn’t just good for your baby, it’s also vital for you to feel in control and rested too.” Izzy, Mum of 2. “Setting a routine is not impossible! Eventually, our baby was in synch with us – well, mostly!” Richard, Dad of 1.

Hack 4: Tummy time, crawling & play

“Tummy time helped my little one start crawling. The extra bonus was that sleep became easier.” Hayley, Mum of 2. “Crawling was a win-win, my little girl was so happy, and it helped her so much!” Mark, Dad of 1.

Hack 5: Take a drive

A little road trip is the ultimate soothing hack. When all else fails, get your little one comfy in their car seat and just drive! “Driving always stopped her crying. We made lots of 3am road trips!” Maria, Mum of 2.

Hack 6: Take your opportunity too!

A hack just for you! With a new baby, it can be easy to forget the importance of your own sleep. Lots of parents find different ways to get their sleep in while baby does too. “Try to sleep whenever your baby sleeps - even if it is 10am!” Charlene, Mum of 3.