Baby Cruising

6-12 Months Tips for Parents

Baby Cruising: How to Encourage Your Mini to Walk

Preparing for baby's first steps

Once your baby reaches 6 months old, they'll soon start to take those tentative first steps.

From pulling up on the sofa to inching along the coffee table, they'll need a helping hand with 'cruising' – yes, we're talking cruise control.

Here's what to expect when it comes to baby cruising and how you can help your tiny adventurer find their feet and make their mark (on everything).

Encourage your baby to walk

Even sitting babies can enjoy a baby walker – all those colourful buttons, lights and sounds are so much fun (plus they're great for cognitive development). Get your little one ready for baby cruising action by introducing a push toy before they can stand.

Pulling up

Pulling up to standing is a breeze with a walker, and there's no looking back once your baby masters this skill. Don't expect movement just yet, though. This first stage is all about building balance and confidence.

First steps with a baby walker

Now that your baby is feeling secure on two feet, they'll use their walker in lots of different ways. Watch them push with one hand and wave with the other. Make sure to give lots of praise and encouragement – let them know how proud you are.

Confident baby cruising

Before you know it, your little walker will be loving the movements they can make on their own. Just remember to keep them safe and help with steering, especially if your living space has lots of furniture for baby to walk around. Baby cruising is all about growing confidence, so let them explore.

Standing balance

Great stuff – your baby's little legs are looking sturdy now and they're pointing their toes forward like a pro. All those laps around the living room are building your mini's strength, balance and confidence.

Push toys: toys to help baby walk

As your little stepper gets ready for solo baby walks, nothing can stop them zooming around. They're able to confidently cruise from room to room, and they may even be ready for a push toy to use outside.

After your baby takes their first steps, get ready for them to go far. They'll be standing and walking solo before you know it

(and leaving their tiny handprints everywhere).