Congratulations, You're pregnant!

Prenatal Tips for Parents

Top ten pregnancy pointers and advice to get you baby-ready

So you’re having a baby (wahoo!) Right now, you could be feeling all sorts of feelings and emotions; excited, scared, overwhelmed, maybe all of them!

Whatever you’re feeling, it’s always helpful to share some good tips to make sure the only bump in your pregnancy is the lovely one in your tummy.

Finding out you're pregnant

Whether you’re new to this or you have children already, finding out you’re pregnant is still a huge adjustment to get your head around. Take your time and accept any help you are offered from friends and relatives. You’re not alone, just listen to these parents!

Tip 1:

“Look and ask for help where you need it. My first thought was how do I change a nappy?! But there’s information everywhere and always someone close who’ll want to help."

Angie, Mum of 2.

Tip 2:

“Connect with people and friends who are also pregnant or have kids. A big help to me was surrounding myself with other mums, like we were all in it together.”

Nina, Mum of 1

Tip 3:

“Just try to relax and not let your newness as a parent overwhelm you. All new parents feel ill-prepared and anxious at points, but you’ll feel ready and equipped soon enough.”

Dani, Mum of 1

Getting ready for your baby

There’s lots of things to think about and get, but remember, this is the fun stuff! Looking at cribs, buying teeny-tiny baby grows, and turning a room into the cutest little baby space. Here’s what other parents say.

Tip 4:

“Be patient with yourself. I didn’t know where to start at first - I bought a teddy before I’d picked a crib! It will come together.”

Ellen, Mum of 2.

Tip 5:

“Look for soothers! The best thing we bought was one that played heartbeats. It sent me to sleep so I knew it would work for baby.”

Jon, Dad of 1

Bonding with your bump

Being pregnant can go by so quickly, but this is something to try to savour and cherish. Just hear how other parents loved it.

Tip 6:

“Try reading and playing music to your bump. It really helps you to bond.”

Esme, Mum of 1.

Tip 7:

“Talk to your bump, especially when he/she is moving around! I talked to my babies a lot and it really built a connection for me.”

Leah, Mum of 2

Tip 8:

“Singing to your bump is a great tip. Me and my partner sang to our baby every night. Feeling those kicks when we did was so special,”

Jo, Mum of 1

Your due date

You’ll soon find that time goes fast, and your baby will soon be on the way (yay!). Don’t worry if you still don’t feel ready at this point, it’s perfectly normal. Just try to relax and you’ll soon get into your stride, and once your baby does arrive, it’ll be love at first sight!

Tip 9:

“Pack your hospital bag well before your due date. You never quite know when the time will come, and it does come around quickly.”

Will, Dad of 3.

Tip 10:

“Don’t panic when the times comes! Try to be calm for you and baby at this point. Breathe slowly and look forward to meeting your baby for the first time. You’ll love it!.

Andrea, Mum of 1

Finding out you're pregnant brings a lot of emotions.

And whether you’re new to the journey, or already a Mum or Dad, there’s so much to think about. Try to enjoy it and ask for help when you can. Once your baby arrives, life before will be hard to imagine.