How to help your 6-12 month-old thrive!

6-12 Months Tips for Parents

A how-to guide to help your little one grow.

Your baby is now babbling towards their first birthday, and it seems to be going faster by the day. At this stage, lots of parents can feel anxious about their little one’s development, where crawling and talking can either come real soon, or a while later (there’s no rush!) Here are some how-to tips from parents who’ve helped their children up to the 1st birthday milestone.

How to help with crawling

By now, tons of tummy-time has probably got your baby rolling all over the floor. Now it’s time to get them on all fours and watch them go! Here’s how other parents got their babies crawling.

Dangle the carrot!

“Try putting toys they love in sight but out of reach! Our little one soon stopped rolling and started crawling!” Darren, Dad of 2

Get involved

“Try standing where you want them to come to and encourage them with your best baby voice that they love!” Nancy, Mum of 3

Test their strength

“In the same way that you stand them up whilst holding them, try putting them in the crawl position to see how they take to it. It’ll soon become second nature!” Laila, Mum of 1

Be patient

“All my kids were different when it came to crawling. My first took to it quickly, but my second and third were much later, but they still got there, so don’t panic!” Mel, Mum of 3

How to help with first words

There’s still plenty of cute babbling, but those precious first words are well on the way between 6-12 months. Here’s what other parents have done to help their babies go from ‘mmmmm’ to ‘Mama!’

Keep talking

“I was always talking to my baby, no matter what I was doing! As well as story time, it all helps.” Sophie, Mum of 1

Repeat, repeat, repeat

“Repetition is the answer! Repeating those words like ‘mommy’, ‘daddy’ , ‘cat’, and ‘dog’ soon sinks in!” Hannah, Mum of 2.

Sing songs and nursery rhymes

“Songs worked great for my baby. Just precious times of singing nursery rhymes to her was wonderful and she loved it!” Mel, Mum of 3

Try not to worry or compare your baby with others when it comes to things like crawling and talking.

Every little one is different and with the right encouragement and help, your baby will soon be giving you the run around and talking like there’s no tomorrow!