The Terrific Two's

18-24 Months Tips for Parents

Your Toddler's Milestones at 2 Years Old

Everything you need to know about 2-year-olds

When it comes to describing 2-year-olds, so many words spring to mind.

Your tot is talkative, tireless, tremendous and terrific. So why are the twos sometimes called terrible?

While this age can be challenging for parents, it's also a very special time. If you enter the twos prepared (checklist: patience, sense of humour, wet wipes) you'll have a lot of fun along the way.

Here are 7 things you need to know about your 2-year-old's milestones.

They’re building new skills

2-year-old milestone checklist includes standing on tiptoes, running and jumping, kicking a ball, climbing, building towers, and throwing a ball overarm. Encourage your tot by making playtime more active, indoors and out. There are all kinds of toddler toys to help you bring the fun.

Toddler sleep tips

Try for 11 hours at night and keep up the daytime naps. Watch for sleep cues like being extra hyper or lying down, and establish routines and create a soothing strategy. Use sleep-training tools, and remember: when it comes to sleep, every child is different.

They love to talk

Two is a big year for little ones learning to speak. Your tot will reach lots of 2-year-old language milestones as they start to point to named objects, know names of people and body parts. They will speak in 2 to 4 words and follow simple instructions, as well as repeat words they hear. Ask "what's that?" and "why?" as play is a great way to introduce new words. Many of the best toys and games for 2-year-olds will help you do just that.

Toddlers are always learning

By the end of this year, most 2-year-olds will have reached milestones such as doing 4-piece puzzles, sorting by size & colour, finding hidden things, following 2-step instructions, naming pictures in a book, and spotting people in photos. Your toddler's cognitive skills are coming on in leaps and bounds. There are loads of great gifts for 2-year-olds that can help them hit developmental milestones.

2-year-olds have big imaginations

Your tot's developing mind is bursting with creativity. They're starting to enjoy make-believe play and love to invent their own stories, use toys as props, pretend to be a grown-up, and solve problems through play. Why not share the fun by joining their tea party or dinosaur safari?

Toddlers are more social

Your little one is displaying new social skills every day. Social milestones to look out for are playing interactively, showing empathy, copying others, and showing independence. Skills like sharing and turn-taking don't appear 'til age 3+, so bear with your little one as they figure out the rules of interacting with buddies.

Toddlers have tantrums

Ah yes, the "terrible twos". Two is an emotional rollercoaster. One minute they're happy and laughing, the next minute sad or enraged. Teach your toddler the words to describe their feelings. And remember: tantrums spring from emotions. While there's no magic formula, routines can help. Knowing what's coming next can help your tot stay calm.

Remember your 2-year old is still new to the world (and you’re still new to two.) Keep exploring together. With lots of patience and heaps of love, you'll overcome the tantrums. Don't forget to have fun, enjoy this special time and mark the 2-year-old milestones together.

After all, they’re only two once.