Sam Jones

Sam Jones, aka Fireman Sam, is brave, modest, and dependable. He is known for keeping a cool head in a hot spot and he will put his life on the line to help others. On a personal level, he has a brother: Charlie Jones, and is the uncle of twins Sarah and James.

Penny Morris

Penny Morris is an assertive and dedicated fire officer in the Pontypandy brigade, but she is also a trained coastguard officer and heads up water rescues. Friendly and likeable, in her off-duty time, she enjoys spending time with Ellie and Jodie, doing various outdoor activities such as hiking and kayaking!

Ellie Phillips

Ellie Phillips is full of energy athletic and competitive. She turns daily job tasks into challenges, sometimes resulting in her taking more than she can handle. While she fights fire, her sister Jodie prefers the ocean.

Elvis Cridlington

Elvis Cridlington is Sam's enthusiastic apprentice, who he often goes to for advice. Apart from his absolute dedication to fighting fires, he is also the cook of the fire station! But it isn't his only hobby: his love of rock'n'roll landed him in a band with his friend, Mike Flood, where he plays the guitar.

Arnold McKinley

Arnold McKinley is THE geek of the Pontypandy rescue team. Although he has less experience than the rest of the crew, he makes it up in his incredible database knowledge and is often chaperoning the kids of the town.

Norris Steele

Station Officer Norris Steele is the senior officer and the most experienced firefighter, heading Pontypandy's firefighting team and fire station. Although he may seem strict, he relaxes by flying kites, playing darts and has a big passion for trains.

PC Malcolm Williams

PC Malcolm Williams is Pontypandy's first police officer and is an invaluable member of the first responder team, working side by side with the rest of the rescue team! He is cool, calm, and collected which is particularly useful in case of emergency. His sister, Helen Flood, loves to call him "little brother" even though he is taller than her.

Sgt. Rose Ravani

Sergeant Rose Ravani is in charge of the new Pontypandy police station, and she is Malcolm's superior. She loves getting involved in community projects for the town and always has some new ideas to implement, like the "Keep Pontypandy Tidy" campaign!

Jodie Phillips

Jodie Phillips is Ellie's older sister with whom she shares energy and passion. She also is a published expert in marine biology and enjoys sharing her passion about high seas, aquatic life and how to preserve the environment with the residents of Pontypandy. She is also conducting her own new research on the ocean to expand her ever-growing knowledge!

Krystyna Kaminski

Krystyna Kaminski just moved from Poland as an ace pilot to fly the new rescue plane FireSwift as the newest member of the Pontypandy air rescue team, along with Tom Thomas with whom she attended cadet academy with. She is confident and curious, like her little brother Peter Kaminski!