Jupiter is the rescue team's fire truck, usually driven by Fireman Sam, accompanied by two other crew members. It includes a viewing dome for Radar, and a multitude of other high-tech gadgets to help fighting fires. The detachable trailer at the back can carry the Hovercraft when needed for ocean rescues.


Venus, mainly driven by Penny and accompanied by another crew member, is the rescue team's small fire rescue tender. It also holds the drone Saturn, an incident support imaging system unit.


Mercury is the fire service quad used to go off-road onto the most inaccessible places. The quad is equipped with mountain climbing and rescue equipment.


Hydrus is the fire service amphibious rescue vehicle. Thanks to its six wheels, it can handle rescues in difficult-to-access territories.


Phoenix is the animal rescue multi-purpose unimog truck that can power through hostile terrain to rescue any and all animals!

Wallaby 2

Wallaby 2 is Tom Thomas' helicopter. It's fully equipped with a winch, searchlights, and a loud hailer.


Piloted by Krystyna, FireSwift is the new VTOL aircraft of the air rescue team, with the unique quality of being able to take off vertically like a helicopter. It has space for a pilot and co-pilot, allowing both control of operations. The back has cargo storage space, and a loading ramp pops out of the back - even Kilo can fit inside! It comes equipped with water cannons on the wings and a rear drop vent to douse fires with blasts of water!


The Hovercraft can skim across water and mud, so the rescue team can tackle situations in shallow waters and tidal flats!


Juno is the fire team jet ski. Small but super fast, it's useful when rescuing any Pontypandy resident lost at sea.


Piloted by Penny and sometimes Sam, Neptune is the town's rigid inflatable boat docked at the Ocean Rescue Centre. Neptune is powerful enough to tow a sailing boat or even Charlie's fishing trawler!


Titan, a deluxe rescue boat, is usually piloted by Ben along with a firefighter manning the water cannons that pump water at high power from the ocean.

Police Motorbike

PC Malcolm drives the standard heavy police Motorbike around Pontypandy's roads to get to emergencies.

Police Quad

PC Malcolm's police Quad, like Mercury, can go off-road, in pursuit of criminals, or in search-and-rescue missions.

Police Helicopter

Sergeant Ravani's Helicopter allows the police force to perform search-and-rescues from above, with its high-powered searchlight. It can also land on sea to rescue people stranded in the water.

Police 4x4

The 4x4 is available for PC Malcolm when he is on patrol in town and in the countryside. It has more seating, storage space, and a spot exclusively for Shadow!