Here comes hero-sized fun! What to expect at 36 months

36+ Months Tips for Parents Videos

Your kid’s imagination is really taking off. They’re creating super action-packed worlds with real life friends and anything is possible. Anything! Press play and get in on the action.

Milestone Articles

This Is 3!

Three: it’s the magic number. It’s the age of creativity, adventure and endless play. We’ve got 6 things to look out for.

The Power Of Pretend Play

Make-believe might seem like it’s all fun and games, but pretend play helps your tot build BIG thinking skills.

Time To Celebrate

Three already! From cars, castles and pirate ships, we’ve got everything you need for everything they’re into.

Celebrate Every Milestone

Baby On The Way

With only a few weeks to go, emotions are a bit up and down! But everyone’s on the same ride.

0-6 Months

Your baby’s got moves! Expect lots of kicking, twisting and some serious rocking out!

6-12 Months

Your tot’s found a new taste (and touch) for adventure. Time to go exploring together.

12-18 Months

Now that your little one’s on their feet, there’s so much to do and see. Prepare for takeoff!

18-24 Months

Your little one is full of questions as they begin to explore the big world. Just as well, you’ve got the answers.

2-3 Years

Your toddler’s learning how fun teamwork is and making new friends fast (just like Thomas!).